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“Since being diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica four years I have suffered many health issues after taking steroids. Recently I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was taking anti inflammatorys daily to cope with the on going pain and stiffness which was very debilitating and quite depressing for a previously very active person. Maria has successfully treated me and my joints are now almost totally pain free and I do not need to take painkillers which is amazing and have much more mobilty and feel like my old self – part of her treatment also dealt with my chronic indigestion and some deep seated emotional issues . So I would like to thank Maria for putting my life both physically and emotionally back on track – my belief that homeopathy works on every level has been truly confirmed.”

Jan Purser Eastbourne

“I highly recommend Maria. She has worked wonders for me, conditions my doctor said I would have to live with! needless to say that Maria is always now my first port of call.”

Mrs Boa Facebook

“I have been seeing Maria at the Daisy Clinic for about a year now. I came to her because I was at a loss with numerous health problems including asthma, sinus issues, ibs and sibo! She has been helping with these issues and more since then and my health has improved a lot, although I am still trying to shift some symptoms still I have seen a big change and so has she. I have stopped all my inhalers now and my sinus sprays too, I have also cut down on a lot of my medication for my digestive issues and I don’t have hospital and doctor appointments as much anymore. My biggest joy is for that the first time in years last autumn and winter was so much better for me, this used to be a awful time for me health wise, I was on antibiotics for chest infections, throat infections, sinusitis etc all the time, but this time I didn’t need any antibiotics and haven’t had any for along time now. I am so very thankful for Maria’s Care and support and I would recommended her to anyone. The future now looks brighter.”

Lisa Pack

“Around two years ago i went to see Maria as someone had recommend her to me to help with my then 5 year old’s eczema and topical steroid withdrawal symptoms as steroid cream was making her skin worse and damaged. She was very sore and itchy with not much sleep at night. After regularly taking the homeopathic remedies for around a year she is now almost totally healed of eczema. She looks so much healthier and doesnt need piriton at night to help her sleep. I couldn’t be happier with her progress, she can swim in the sea without her skin stinging and is living a normal life.”

Thank you Maria

“I have been visiting Maria since September with chronic bowel problems, needing to go up to 10 times daily.
My bowels are now improving all the time, no diarrhoea, only slightly loose. I only need to go twice a day on average. I have postponed my colonoscopy, hoping not to need it at all. She is treating me for a bacterial imbalance and possible ibd. I was losing weight but it is now stable. Ironically the prep you have to take before the procedure wipes out both good and bad bacteria so it could have made my condition worse. I cannot thank her enough.”

Female client Eastbourne

“My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Glandular Fever in June this year. She suffered with all the typical symptoms including nausea, swollen glands, extreme tiredness, dark rings around her eyes etc. After 3 months of no real improvement over the summer and with a new academic year looming, a friend suggested we try homeopathy and we made an appointment to see Maria. Thank goodness we did! The difference after the first 10 days was incredible, she lost the dark rings around her eyes, her glands significantly reduced in size and she felt generally less tired and so much brighter. She went back to college in September feeling far better that we could have hoped for and her health continues to improve. I cannot recommend Maria enough, she has certainly turned my daughter’s health around and my only regret is that we didn’t find her and homeopathy earlier.”

Thank you so much Maria

“Maria and homeopathy has worked a miracle on me. My IBS and dry, sore, flaky and itchy eyes were getting rapidly worse but my GP offered me nothing except tablets and creams. I also had a constant fuzzy head and took paracetamol every day (32 a week)! With a change of diet and homeopathic remedies, I am back to normal, loving life and am paracetamol free.”

Thank you so much! x


“I started seeing Maria in May 2016 after suffering for 6 years from a condition (hormonal imbalance) that had taken hold since the birth of my youngest daughter. I am 30 and I was a shadow of my former self, I had turned into someone I didn’t recognise. I was angry, easily irritable, anxious and depressed, my mood swings were off the scale, I couldn’t stand affection and my libido had disappeared into thin air. Physical symptoms had also started occurring as my condition worsened with severe lower back pain, a prickly sensation all over my skin, night sweats, hot flushes and a rash that looked like I had been scalded.

After trying every avenue with conventional medicine, which involved HRT and injections to put me into a medical menopause and being told the only cure to my condition was a full hysterectomy, I decided as one last shot to visit Maria after being recommended to her by 2 friends. Maria has literally changed my life.

In the last 4 months I have been on a journey (not all of it smooth) but for the first time in 6 years I have felt better more than I have felt bad. There’s still a long way to go, but I know that I will get there thanks to Maria. Before in a month, I would have 2 good days compared to 28 bad days and now I’m having about 7 bad days compared to 23 good days.

The difference Maria has made to not only my life, but also my family’s is something I will never be able to thank her enough for and I just look forward to my continued improvement and treatment with Maria.”


“Contacted the clinic looking for possible allergy test to try & find out why I had constant nasal congestion, when I spoke to a Lovely lady called Maria who convinced me to try homeopathy. Four months later the difference is almost unbelievable, my sinuses have eased so much that I am able to sleep and breathe again through my nose. “

Thank you Maria x”


“From the age of weaning (4-5 months) my son, Henry, suffered from constipation. At the age of 2 years he was so constipated that he couldn’t pee and was admitted to EDGH. After treatment, he was put on a decompaction regime of 12 sachets of Movicol. For days he barely ate as he felt so sick and his bowels literally ran like water. We felt there must be a reason for him to be suffering from such constipation and decided to get him allergy tested. This revealed a dairy intolerance. We removed dairy from his diet and discontinued the Movicol and within 24 hrs he was a much better boy.

We kept Henry on a strict dairy free diet for several months but this became difficult as he got older, especially when visiting friends and relations and going to parties etc. We would usually give in to him eating dairy and to begin with he would be fine so we would let him have more ‘treats’ but before we knew it he would hit overload and we would be back at the doctors and back on Movicol. This ‘seesaw’ went on for years. At one point the doctor told us we were better to keep him on regular Movicol and let him eat what he likes than to keep him on a dairy free diet! In my heart I knew this was not right but felt we had little choice.

After 6 years of this we had had enough and were fortunate enough to stumble on the Daisy Clinic. We were seen for the first time by Maria in Aug 2014 and Henry began his homeopathic remedies. These were so easy for him to take – tiny white tablets that just tasted slightly sweet. Maria was going to work on supporting Henry’s system with an aim to removing his reliance on Movicol and help him to tolerate dairy again. We only needed to be seen every other month and meanwhile communicated with Maria via text messaging.

In January 2015 we started desensitising remedies with a view to introducing dairy after 6 weeks. Meanwhile we were gradually decreasing the Movicol. We started introducing dairy just at a small amount once a week in March and my son tolerated it without any problems. In early May we finally stopped Movicol, again without any problems. We have gradually increased the amount of dairy that he eats and Henry is coping well.

Homeopathy has been an absolute saviour for us and the constant support that Maria offers (at the end of a text even) is great. I only wish we had discovered homeopathy 7 years ago!”

Old Town, Eastbourne

“In September 2011 I was diagnosed with grade 3 ovarian cancer and had chemotherapy and a hysterectomy. During a wonderful 18 month remission period l was lucky enough to meet Maria who started to treat me for both my emotional and physical needs using a combination of herbal and homeopathic treatment.

In January I was told that the cancer was returning and to expect 2 years of life, tumours, fluid and chemo in the summer. Maria continued to treat me and in June the oncologist was surprised to see that there was only one visible tumour and no fluid. I was offered second surgery (very unusual) and was told that it would be likely that l would have a colostomy bag.

I am now post surgery and the surgeon was surprised that there was no other evidence of cancer and that a colostomy bag would not be needed! This again is very unusual!

I have been told that l have had a good response to chemotherapy but I am sure that it is Maria’s invaluable dietary advice combined with her herbal and homeopathic support that is maintaining my emotional and physical well-being.
After visiting the hospital I usually come home feeling doomed but my spirit and health is always renewed and supported by this remarkable and talented lady.

I hope that people in similar situations as me will take the time to contact Maria so that they too can benefit from her wonderfully effective holistic care.”

Jenny, Old Town, Eastbourne

Dear Maria,

“Despite having pursued conventional medical treatment for lichen planus for several months, my 12 year old daughter’s condition was continuing to become increasingly extensive with various types of lichen planus. This affected her hands, arms, feet, legs, torso, scalp, mouth and lips.

Following the recommendation from a friend to consult Maria Briscoe and the subsequent prescription of a course of homeopathic remedies over the summer, my daughter’s condition has almost completely gone. She is delighted and it has made a huge difference to her to be free of the debilitating discomfort of itching and lesions.”

Thank you very much indeed.


Dear Maria,

“Thank you so much for helping me with my son Alex! Since attending the Clinic and using the homeopathic remedies he has improved very quickly.

Before visiting you Alex had an upper respiratory infection, a few times white patches on his tonsils and enlarged glands in the neck. He had a course of antibiotics, but the neck glands persisted. He was very tired, didn’t sleep well, didn’t eat and drink. Every time we went to the GP they gave us antibiotics, which didn’t help at all.

Alex was 4 months and not well with chronic tonsillitis, enlarged lymph glands like golf balls. The GP referred us to an ENT specialist at the hospital. The ENT specialist said that he had moderately enlarged tonsils, which appeared chronically infected and quite large lymphadenopathy affected both sides of the neck and Alex would need an adenotonsillectomy.

Around that time I had an appointment with you and Alex started with the remedies. In 4-5 days his glands were much smaller. After a month Alex had normal sized tonsils and the glands were smaller. He started eating and sleeping well. Alex is a happy little boy again. At our next appointment in hospital, which was after 2-3 weeks since Alex started with remedies, the ENT specialist said that he doesn’t need an adenotonsillectomy.

Thank you for helping Alex to avoid surgery!”

Alex’s mum
(Chingford, London)

“My son is 5 years old and has suffered with molluscum contagiosum for 3 years.

It started off as a small wart like bump on his knee. I took him to the doctor who advised that it was a wart and that there was nothing to worry about and nothing could be done.

Over the coming years the lumps increased and started to appear under his armpits, on his back, on his knees and the inside of his legs. I took him back to the doctor and they confirmed it was molluscum contagiosum and again there was nothing that could be done and that the virus would burn itself out.

The molluscum contagiosum got worse and worse, each one became a big, red, enflamed, pus filled itchy lesion and this was extremely uncomfortable for him. I must have been sent away from the doctor at least 6 times in the last year, still being told there is nothing that can be done!

I was at my wits’ end so I decided to visit Maria Briscoe, homeopath, (as she had previously treated my daughter with success) and she prescribed my son medication, plus I had to dab each molluscum with Frogleaf cream every morning and evening. That was 4 weeks ago and I can honestly say the molluscum has almost gone, I only wish I had before and after photos to show. We are just left with scarring (which he is also being treated for) and a couple have a tiny little bump left.

More people need to know about the power of homeopathy, especially for conditions such as this as doctors just want to dismiss it and don’t seem to care about the suffering of the child!”


“At 1 year old my daughter developed a chronic chesty cough. She would cough throughout the day and night. She had very little appetite and eating was always a tough time for her because of the coughing. She was very low in mood and always agitated and stressed.

Numerous visits to the doctor and several prescriptions for antibiotics, a blue inhaler and “keep up the Calpol”. She was then given a brown steroid inhaler as she was now an undiagnosed asthmatic. The steroid improved the cough but over time her symptoms returned and we were back to where we started.

When Winnie was just over 2 and a half my son of 9 months was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and so with two sick children, trips back and forth to the doctors and medication that I just hated giving them – enough was enough. Then we met Maria……..hurray!!!!

We began treatment in Feb 2013, just before Winnie’s 4th birthday and Hugo 1 and a half. Six months later my children are completely cough free. Hugo responded more quickly and when a cough or a cold starts, now it disappears very quickly and he copes much better. Winnie is cough free and very well. Maria has also been prescribing remedies for Winnie’s behaviour which has been very challenging and difficult with shocking tantrums she simply cannot control. She is a different child altogether now.

It has been a long six months with Winnie and at times I had thoughts about giving up on Homeopathy but I didn’t and am so pleased I continued. It’s been hard following the remedies, when to take them, what time and simply waiting for the results. The results are worth every day of the past six months to have two healthy children.

I cannot thank you Maria enough for your time, effort, professional expertise, manner and quite frankly your support when you have seen us as a family at breaking point. My main reason for continuing is because of Maria’s passion for Homeopathy and her constant reassurance that she would make the children well, priceless. She is also 100% accurate with what symptoms she would expect next from understanding how the body works and its healing process. At times I thought Winnie was getting worse but it was just as Maria predicted and explaining how her body is trying to heal itself from the inside out.

It’s been an emotional time for us all as a family and I am now making a few life changes myself which Maria is helping me with and since taking my remedies I too am feeling much better. The other big mention is that Maria has always asked me to keep her updated on the children’s progress by text or telephone, you can even Skype her. You cannot put a price on that.”

Thank you so very much.


Hi Maria, Daniela here.

“Yet again, amazing work! Megan’s verruca just fell off in the night! She is so happy, as am I. It got really big and I thought it would take ages to clear but then all of a sudden – gone!”

Thank you xx.

“I took my five year old son to this centre for digestive problems after getting nowhere with the prescriptions offered by my GP. I found the owner and homeopath very friendly and approachable. She was wonderful with my child and made him (and me) feel at ease. The consultation was very thorough and after diagnosing a course of treatment, she offered excellent follow up care. Now five months on I am noticing huge improvements in my sons ability to process and tolerate his food. He also seems happier in himself. I would highly recommend this centre and will definitely be returning with any future problems.”


“I am an 18 year old sixth form student. I had to resit the year whilst all my friends went off to uni. The panic attacks and everyone leaving me left me very down, to the point where I would wake up in the morning in a state of panic. My mum helped me get an appointment at the Clinic. Since then Maria has helped me get over the tearfulness and has helped treat my IBS (which is a main cause of the panic). For this I am incredibly grateful.”

Many thanks


Dear Maria,

“Thank you so much for helping me with my son Justin. Since attending the Clinic and using the homeopathic remedies he has improved immensely.

Before visiting you Justin was diagnosed by a child psychologist as having ADHD and said our only chance of having a normal child was to take Ritalin, which in my opinion is a highly volatile drug with strong possibly dangerous side effects, which I did not want him to take. I decided to seek help elsewhere.

After seeing Justin for 5 months he is a changed boy, it was a gradual improvement but now very noticeable his violent nature has disappeared even self harming himself has stopped. Sleeping patterns have improved and I feel my life has much improved because of this and is much calmer.

Thank you again for your advice and help.”


“My first visit with Maria helped me greatly, even just talking things over seemed to reassure me that things would be better before long. It has taken a couple of months, each visit with a change of medication that suits the progression towards getting better and finally not being on any medication at all.

I can’t recommend homeopathy enough.”


“In addition to the varied and often frightening symptoms from IBS I had to contend with, I was also suffering acutely from the bereavement of my father.

As my homeopath, Ms Briscoe carried out a thorough, in-depth analysis of my symptoms and provided support through remedies and counselling and where appropriate referrals to colleagues within the centre providing other forms of alternative therapies.

The chronic fatigue developed into ME with the accompanying Fibromyalgia. With Ms Briscoe’s advice and guidance, I have been able to control the intensity and frequency of the attacks and some of the symptoms have been eliminated entirely.

Whilst considerably recovered, I am still occasionally subject to flare ups and I can rely on Ms Briscoe and her colleagues for treatment and support whenever this occurs, often at very short notice.”

Sandra Robinson

“My mum has been suffering from coughs and dryness in the throat for four years. We have visited Dr Maria and within two months her cough is much better and she is much happier. She feels she is getting back to normal with her life.”


“I was recommended by a friend to come and see Maria, I was suffering with ear, nose and throat problems. Also IBS problems. I went to see an enterology specialist and he said there was nothing wrong with me!

Then I came to Maria. Within two sessions my symptoms had gone. I felt so much better about myself and had energy again.

I haven’t felt like this in years, finally someone helped me with my problems which I had for years.

I would like to thank Maria for helping and supporting me through my treatment.”
Many thanks


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