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Homeopathy on the NHS

The NHS is a health service for everyone, free at the point of need. We all pay for it through taxes and National Insurance payments. So have you ever wondered why you are not offered homeopathic treatment on the NHS? Indeed, have you ever wondered why if you go to your GP, or your local hospital you will only have access to conventional medicine? If you haven’t, you should start right now!

Homeopathy has been part of the NHS since it began in 1948. There are four homeopathic hospitals in the UK (in Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, and London. A few doctors practice homeopathy alongside conventional medicine within the NHS. And in some areas, the local Primary Care Trust does refer patients to local homeopaths when they request homeopathic treatment. So obtaining homeopathy through the NHS is still far from being a straightforward process.

Referring patients, and funding for homeopathic treatment, is usually denied, and for this reason, few people usually bothers to ask for it. What this also means is that the NHS has no idea about the demand for homeopathy there is. For these reasons, the NHS Trust Association is now encouraging all its registered therapists to ask all their patients to apply for NHS funding. This is what they are saying:

“If enough of your patients go to their NHS GPs or specialists and ask to be referred to you, this is bound to raise the level of awareness amongst GPs that your patients are gaining benefit from your treatment. Whether doctors present believe in this treatment, or not, if their patients are gaining benefit, surely a doctor has to pay attention. The Association therefore suggests that members should encourage their private patients………”

So you do have a right, enshrined in the NHS Act, to homeopathic treatment. It is your health, and if homeopathy is your treatment of choice, you should ask for it. If you would like to access homeopathy through the NHS, please contact me directly.

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